The Ling Consortium


The Ling Consortium is an international consortium of professionals developing and delivering globally recognised university-based courses on listening and spoken language for children with hearing loss.

Hear and Say WorldWide is a member of the Ling Consortium.

View videos of Auditory-Verbal Language Institute delivered by Dr. Daniel Ling here


The Ling Consortium is named in honour of the foundational work and extraordinary contributions of the late Dr. Daniel Ling, O.C. a pioneer of Auditory-Verbal practice for children with hearing loss.

Global Vision - Children and adults with hearing loss will reach their full potential through listening and speaking.


Using a coordinated worldwide effort, our mission is to help children to speak and hear. Giving them the best possible access to spoken language so that they can achieve their full potential.

Direct contact from caregivers trained by internationally recognised professionals will build the foundations for listening and speaking skills, which will be further encouraged by improving the way the family connects.

The global leadership spearheaded by the Ling Consortium will ensure that these professionals have access to internationally recognised university-accredited courses and excellence in teaching methods. Better teachers can reach out to more children and have a greater impact on their lives.

We will continue to leverage advances in technology and strive to improve Auditory-Verbal teaching techniques founded on the pioneering contribution of Dr. Daniel Ling OC.

Our initial paediatric focus will be extended to adults with hearing loss as the consortium grows.


The following Universities and organisations are members of the Ling Consortium. Click on each member to obtain details of the accredited training courses on offer.

University of Southern Queensland in collaboration with Hear and Say WorldWide
University of Newcastle, North Rocks, New South Wales in collaboration with Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children

University of Ottawa, Ontario
York University, Toronto, Ontario

Aston University, Birmingham

Fontbonne University, St Louis, Missouri (Undergraduates only)
University of San Diego, California in collaboration with John Tracy Clinic
University of Akron, Ohio
University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg