The Listen Series

The first book in the Listen Series - Listen Little Star

The Listen Little Star Program Guide and Series of Lessons is now published as an e-book.  Please visit this site to purchase or email us here to register your interest and go on the waiting list.

Listen Little Star is designed for parents and caregivers of newborn babies newly diagnosed with normal hearing loss (birth to 6 months) or beginning listeners up to 12 months of age.

Babies with hearing can aslo benefit from the advice in the Listen Little Star Series, as the "Learning to Listen" process will be accelerated, leading to faster development in other aspect of spoken communication.

The Series consists of a Program Guide and four separate Activity Books and Lesson Records each containing three detailed activity-based lessons.

The books are divided into the following programs and is available for purchase here.

  • Program Guide
  • Activity Book and Lesson Record - lessons 1-3 
  • Activity Book and Lesson Record - lessons 4-6 
  • Activity Book and Lesson Record - lessons 7-9 
  • Activity Book and Lesson Record - lessons 10-12 


Supplementary resource material to assist with recording the child's progress can be ordered from Hear and Say via email here.