Online Access to OUR Microtia and atresia conference


The Hear and Say Australian Microtia and Atresia Support Centre is the only one of its kind in Australia, providing support and information to parents and their children as well as to professionals from the areas of health, education and associated disciplines.

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For the past seven years, Hear and Say has organised and hosted the Microtia and Atresia Conference. This is the only conference of its kind in Australia, bringing together both national and international leaders in the areas of microtia and atresia.  The Conference runs over three days, with a range of presentations and workshops providing information about the condition, its implications, surgery and intervention options, as well as providing peer support for parents and children. The Conference Presentations are available for both professionals and parents to purchase. The Workshop Presentations are available only for parents and families, as they have a particular focus on supporting families through the decision making and management process.


Our Microtia and Atresia Conference Presentations can be purchased online and are suitable for both parents and professionals. Please note professionals are able to obtain Audiology Australia and AG Bell Academy CE points.



Conference Presentations


Workshop Presentations

Professionals click here to purchase all 10 conference presentations for $150 incl GST  

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Parents click here to purchase all 10 conference presentations for $50 incl GST


Parents can also purchase all 7 workshop presentations for $25 incl GST

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Conference Presentations


  1. Microtia and Atresia: A Life Span Approach (Dr Lee Hearn)

  2. Rib Graft Reconstruction (Dr Arturo Bonilla)

  3. Rib Graft Reconstruction Q&A (Dr Stuart Bade)

  4. Medpor Ear Reconstruction (Dr John Reinisch)

  5. Auditory Development and Atresia Repair (Dr Joseph Roberson)

  6. Combined Atresia and Microtia (CAM) Surgery (Dr Joseph Roberson and Dr John Reinisch)

  7. Cochlear Baha Systems (Fiona Holder)

  8. Oticon Medical Ponto Plus Systems (Tracey King)

  9. Biofabrication (Dr Sean Powell)

  10. Parents' and Children’s Stories (Various Parents and Children)




Workshop Presentations


  1. Audiology Basics (Georgia Cambridge)

  2. Unilateral Hearing Loss (Beth Atkinson)

  3. Speech and Language Milestones (Matt Parr)

  4. Speech and Language Toolbox (Jessica Balfour-Ogilvy)

  5. Listening for Learning (Jackie Brown)

  6. Parent Advocacy (Simone Cheadle)

  7. Microtia and Atresia – Food For Thought (Dr Jane Black)