The Ling Sounds


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The Ling Sounds form a listening test, developed by Dr Daniel Ling, which uses speech sounds across the speech frequency range. They are an effective ‘low tech’ tool that provides quick and accurate diagnostic information about which sounds of speech the child is able to hear clearly. It also identifies which sounds cannot be heard or identified, thus providing reliable diagnostic information about hearing aid or cochlear implant benefit.  This pertains to whether or not a child has sufficient auditory access to all of the speech sounds that are essential for the development of age appropriate spoken language skills.


This lecture explains the Ling Sound Test, providing insight into the history of its development by Dr Daniel Ling.  It details how the test is administered, and examines the diagnostic information the test provides, as well as how to interpret this.  Consideration is given to identifying responses from babies, as compared to older children, and videos are included to demonstrate strategies for administration of the Ling Sound Test.