Learning to Listen Sounds 


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Learning to Listen Sounds are Sound-Object Association Vocalizations, and are a key aspect of Auditory-Verbal Therapy with young or recently diagnosed children with hearing loss. They include animal sounds, vehicle sounds, and expressions of emotions, feelings, or actions. Because Learning to Listen Sounds are more acoustically salient than actual words, they are more interesting to the young child.  Effective use of Learning to Listen Sounds therefore helps to establish a listening attitude in the child, which then facilitates joint attention and encourages the child to focus on listening whilst engaged in an activity with others. You will notice that using Learning to Listen Sounds with babies who have normal hearing attracts the baby’s attention much more readily than does a normal speaking voice using just words.

This lecture explains what is meant by the term Learning to Listen Sounds, what these sounds are and why we use them.  It presents strategies for introducing these sounds to parents, and examples of activities for teaching these sounds to babies and young children.  Video demonstrations of the application of Learning to Listen Sounds are included.