ADVANCED skills IN Auditory-verbal practice

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Students completing this course will gain advanced knowledge and skills regarding the application of the Auditory-Verbal approach and current hearing technologies.  The course consists of 21 lectures, after each of which the student will submit a small number of tasks pertaining to the lecture content. Once each set of tasks is submitted, the student will gain access to a video tutorial for the lecture, discussing the lecture material and task submissions.

The eLearning course is self-paced, but it is recommended that students complete the lectures within 12 weeks.  An additional two weeks is then allowed for final assessment followed by the exam.

Course content includes the following:

  • Redefining Hearing Loss in the 21st Century

  • Strategies for facilitating the development of Audition, Language, Speech, Cognition and Early Literacy

  • Speech Acoustics in Practice

  • Aetiology of Hearing Impairment

  • Family-centred Practice

  • Developmental Assessment and Goal-Setting

  • Classroom Acoustics

  • Strategies for Optimising Learning in mainstream classrooms

  • Candidacy, Technology and Programming for implantable hearing devices (including single-sided deafness)

  • Written Assessment and Exam


Advanced Skills in Auditory-Verbal Practice is suited to allied health and education professionals who have pre-existing qualifications for working with children who have a hearing loss.

Completion of the Advanced Skills in Auditory-Verbal Practice, can be used by eligible candidates when applying for the AG Bell Academy Certification for LSLS Cert. AVTTM or LSLS Cert. AVEdTM

Pre-requisite for enrolment is successful completion of “Foundations of the Auditory-Verbal Approach”, or evidence of the candidate’s prior knowledge of similar skills and experience.