Our Collaborators and Partners

The work of Hear and Say WorldWide relies on the support of our affiliates, collaborators and partners.

Representations and Affiliations


Collaborations and Partnerships gained each year since 2008 are summarised below


RIDBC Renwick Centre


University of Newcastle



E-University Dubai to create opportunities to train UAE professionals and parents


Madras ENT Research Foundation


Ernst Lehnhardt Foundation



Collaborative agreement formed with University of Southern Queensland and Australian National University Canberra, Australian Capital Territory


University of Southern Queensland grants full accreditation of Hear and Say WorldWide courses to graduate certificate level in the Education Faculty at USQ



Memorandum of Understanding with TELDAP (Taiwan E-Learning and Digital Archives Program) and Taiwan Government and The National Sun Yat-Sen University, Taiwan working with Distinguished Professor Nian-Shing Chen. Free access granted to the Collaborative Cyber Community (3C) platform


Ling Consortium established. An international consortium of 10 universities involved in postgraduate listening and spoken language courses for children with hearing loss 



The Pacific Area Collaboration in Education (PACE) established. A partnership between Hear and Say WorldWide, Brisbane School of Distance Education and the Solomon Islands Distance Learning Centres