Hearing Loss a Global Concern

Hearing loss is the most common disability in newborn babies. It is a hidden disability and it is commonly diagnosed too late for optimal treatment.

It is estimated that there are over three million children under the age of five with hearing loss at any one time world wide.

The incidence of hearing loss is three in 1,000 in developed countries and higher in non-developed countries. 

278 million people worldwide are affected with permanent hearing impairment. Two thirds of these live in developing countries.
Hearing impairment is also very common in adults and may cause depression and isolation.


There are presently only enough trained listening and speaking professionals to effectively treat 8% of all children and adults with hearing loss world wide.  

The implications of significant hearing loss in children may include severe problems with:

  • listening
  • speech development
  • spoken language
  • education
  • literacy
  • academic skills
  • social development
  • emotional development
  • future career prospects